Peerless Boilers Series LC/LCE


The LC/LCE™ is available with outputs to 3,777 MBH. This advanced boiler design includes integral cast iron flue collector, unique Flex-Seal gaskets and individual draw rods. Boiler efficiencies are compliant with federal and ASHRAE 90.1 requirements. The top and front cleanouts allow for easy cleaning ensuring highest operating efficiency. The pressurized, forced draft firing requires [...]

Peerless Boilers Series TCII


The new Series TCII™ boiler - a gas, oil or combination gas/oil-fired, cast iron boiler– has been redesigned for higher efficiencies. The boiler is ideal for large commercial hot water and steam applications and is available in 15 sizes (4-18 sections) as knocked-down, assembled sections or fully packaged boilers. The Series TCII™ is designed for [...]

Jaga – Vertiga


The ultimate expression of form and function. Vertiga combines the power of Jaga Top Performers, the efficiency of Jaga Energy Savers, and the design of Jaga Eyecatchers. Top Performers Vertiga is a completely new type of low water temperature radiator for heat pumps and modulating condensing boilers. Two dynamic heat exchangers with horizontal air fl [...]

Yaga – Clima Canal


2 versions climate control systems   Clima Canal hybrid climate control system – a dual heating and cooling solution Ideal for office buildings, homes, schools and other public spaces, the Clima Canal offers extreme flexibility for architects and engineers looking for powerful heating and cooling solutions that maximize space and while using less energy. The [...]