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Project Description

2 versions climate control systems


Clima Canal hybrid climate control system – a dual heating and cooling solution

Ideal for office buildings, homes, schools and other public spaces, the Clima Canal offers extreme flexibility for architects and engineers looking for powerful heating and cooling solutions that maximize space and while using less energy.

The Clima Canal’s built-in profile allows the unit to fit seamlessly into a space, fitting perfectly into the floor so windows are never blocked by mechanical equipment. Further, the unit can be topped with one of seven wood-grain or aluminum grills to match the floor design. The grilles are also flexible, making cleaning a non-issue.

The Clima Canal system has a build-in depth of only 3.35 inches, making it easy install into buildings with raised floors or casting it into a slab. Also, it can be installed as a continuous product with a continuous grille, offering a sleek and clean look. Because fans operate on brushless EC motors, they consume less than one-tenth the electrical power of conventional motors in service today. This, combined with Jaga’s proven Low-H20 heat exchangers that work with traditional hydronic and chilled water systems, help make a space more livable and cut down on utility expenses. In addition, the unit can be adjusted to meet the specific height requirements of the project—a fine height adjustment up to 1.77 inch to perfectly align the appliance with the finished floor.

Clima Canal Hybrid

Clima Canal

– Low Water Temperature system – Low Water Temperature system
– Heating and Cooling – Heating
– Build-in height of 3.94” > 5.71” – Build-in height of 3.35” > 5.43”